Wednesday, March 17, 2010

penny stocks to watch

Penny stock to watch – penny stocks offer investors ways to trade, buy, or sell stocks. Investors can invest $1 and get a turnaround of $35. The risks however make it harder for investors to earn money. Hot penny stocks to watch should be considered because you can stay alert to the shifts in the stock markets. The trading industry is one of the largest growing businesses on the market. Penny stocks are making its way in stocks since people are drawn to the low startup costs to get into the stock market. Yet...
...although investing in the penny market is reasonable, there are risks involved. Learning which penny stocks to watch for can help you reduce those risks. People often confuse stocks that are penny stocks with having upside. company is worth $10 million it can double to $20 million easier than a $100 billion dollar business can go to $200 billion. So a $1 stock must go to $2 quicker than a $100 stock can go to $200. But that's flawed logic. Stocks are priced based on their market cap divided by shares. So a $100 billion dollar company could be selling at $1 per share or 1 share of $100 billion. What people are generally looking for is not a penny stock but a small cap stock. Actually, generally the penny stock buyers are the "lotto ticket" type that just want to buy a dream. In reality, these people would be better making intelligent decisions with regards to which stock to buy, and buying stock options instead out of the money. This way they still have the extreme high risk high reward and they can still spend a small amount of capital while taking that risk.

stocks to watch 2010

According to the latest stock news, Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Incorporation (POT) Shares is in the break out mode. It is predicting that in 2010 the company’s sales will increase. It is a forecast that tells investors that it is time to become a shareholder since the market is warm.

Apple (AAPL) is another company that is increasing sales during 2010. The iPhone market in particular has already increased per quarter. This means that more Apple, Mac sales will occur this year. It would be easy to gain around 30 to 50 percent by investing in Apple’s company.

General Electric (GE) is doing well also. GE is one of the most recommended companies to invest in because it is safer. They have already hit over $15 in stocks and expect to increase to $8 more this year.

GMCR (Green Mountain Coffee Roasters) is growing in the stock shares. The Keurig coffer marker is a hot item. This is another hot small cap stock to watch. Since the company allowed Wal-Mart to sell their coffee marker, and since they bought the Timothy coffee marker and made it available in Canada, there has been a battle in bidding amid GMCR and Peet’s coffee maker. Current trading for GMCR is over $60. Some people are projecting it will hit $90 this year.

Other stocks to watch in 2010 include Citigroup © and Research in Motion (RIMM). Citigroup may reach up to $7 during 2010. This means that it could gain as much as 80 or 100%.

RIMM shares are in the low 60s at this time since Black Berry struggles against competitors. The company is trading at around 13 times the 2010 earnings. It is projected that it will increase to $90.

Penny stocks are claimed to be riskier than other stock marketing. Thus, if you have not gotten in on the latest penny stock news now is the time to get started. This is a few of the hot stocks for 2010, but we recommend that you go online and so some more research if you plan to become an investor.

Other companies you may want to research or put on your penny stocks to watch list is Sirius XM Radio (SIRI) and Cell Therapeutics (CTIC). These companies are projected to do well this year also.


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