Friday, June 1, 2007

Awesome Returns Part 3

If you want awesome returns you need a strategy. One good way is chasing the winners. The problem is if you go after the stocks that are already winning big, if they pull back, you could be in trouble. If you go for stocks that show recent weakness in long term strength is it temporary? or did the stock finally reach a top. If you are wrong the stock could keep dropping.

So there is a medium ground. Find a stock that has recently went on a temporary pause and pulled back after it went on an absolute tear upwards. Watch it to break that recent short term downtrend and if it does buy it!

This seems simple but it requires a few rules like...
1)Up 100% in 3 months
2) down less than 20%
3) consolidates for only 3 weeks or so
4) buy at breakout point
5)Use money management (position size, stops, protection, etc)

That will get you awesome returns!

Note: Because this blog has recently been restored, I don't have Awesome Returns Part 2 or 1... Ooops!This post is here because there are links to it floating around, and I want people to know that my site is real and just because you can't find a page, doesn't mean that it didn't exist at one point. Plus I don't want people going to a page without content